WAMP WebSockets for Clojure and HTTP Kit

Give it a spin

The source code for these examples can be found at GitHub.

WAMP is an open WebSocket subprotocol that provides two asynchronous messaging patterns: RPC and PubSub.

See the WAMP website for more info.
Warning: BETA quality software
Please send feedback and bug reports as GitHub issues.


clj-wamp provides an interface for WAMP websocket messaging on the server-side with HTTP Kit.

Compose a map of RPC and/or PubSub callbacks, and you're good to go.

It should work with any WAMP v1 enabled client. The examples on this site use AutobahnJS.


Add the following dependency to your existing project.clj file:

[clj-wamp "1.0.0-rc1"]

...Or create a new clj-wamp starter project from scratch:

% lein new clj-wamp my-project-name

For a clj-wamp getting started guide, see the tutorial.

See the API docs for more information on the PubSub API and callback signatures.